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Saturday August 30, 2003 09:48:41 PM -0400

Welcome To My Site

          Hello my name is Aka, reads as Ak. I live in America. I lived in America for 6 years. I am in 11 grade. I love music (mostly Kurdish) talk on the phone, hung out with friends, go out to movies, I love using computers, web page design, animations and I spent most of my time online learning about computers and animations. If you want to know how to make your own animations feel free to email and I can teach or go to my Favorite Links  to find some links. I study computers as you know, like they say a diamonds are women best friend and dog is men best friend well computers are my best friends. My dream is to open my own business like my own TV channel, a magazine, and write poetry like my brother and hopefully my dreams will come true. I hope you enjoy this site. Thanks for visiting!!!


What else you think I should put on my site??? P.S. Donít Forget To Sign My GuestBook...


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