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What happened to Halabja on the Bloody Friday

       The brutal massacre of the oppressed and innocent people of Halabja began before the sunrise

of Friday, 17th of March 1988. The Iraqi regime committed its most tragic and horrible crime

against the civilian people on Friday, 17th of March, 1988. On that day, Halabja was bombarded

more than twenty times by Iraqi regime's warplanes with chemical and cluster bombs. That Friday

afternoon, the magnitude of Iraqi crimes became evident. In the streets and alleys of Halabja,

corpses piled up over one another. Tens of children, while playing in front of their houses in the

morning, were martyred instantly by cyanide gases. The innocent children did not even have time

to run back home. Some children fell down at the threshold of the door of their houses and never

rose. In a Simorgh Van, the corpses of 20 women and children who had been prepared to leave the

town and the chemical bombardment of the town had deprived them of this opportunity, made any

observer stop and ponder about the corpses of these innocent people were evident.

        The doors of most houses were left open and inside of each house, there were some martyred and

wounded people. The enemy had heightened the cruelty and heart-hardness to its peak and took

no pity on its own people. This crime in the chemical bombardment of Halabja has indeed been

unprecedented in the history of the imposed war. This crime in Halabja can never be compared to

the tragedy of the chemical bombardment of Sardasht. In Halabja more than five thousand people

were martyred and over seven thousand more were wounded. Women and children formed 75 percent

of the martyrs and wounded of the bloody Friday of Halabja.

       Along with Halabja, Khormal, Dojaileh and their surrounding frequently but the center of the

catastrophe was Halabja. In late April 1987, twenty four villages of Iraq's Kurdistan were

targeted by the chemical bombardment because of the struggles of the Muslim-Kurds people of

this town and their open opposition to the regime ruling in Iraq. These villages were chemically

bombarded twice in less than 48 hours.

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